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100% Capacity looks at the entire system and how that system and the people in the system a leader can amplify others to make us all more effective, engaged, agile and innovative.

Sheila Diggs

Leadership Expert & Consultant 

Jennifer did an amazing job of listening to and integrating the agendas of each of the senior team, she helped us work out viable solutions to differences of opinion, and we developed a strategy that we could all get behind. Her methodology is a powerful way to get real commitment behind a strategy and build agility into the supporting resource requirements.

Mark Godley


Amazing conversations with concrete takeaways for how I can practice more inclusivity...Awareness of differences in leadership traits can make a team much more productive from a business sense...focusing on the business argument does seem like a pragmatic way to make progress.


Toyota Research Institute

[Jennifer's] perspective of championing gender diversity as a value conversation – women leaders increase the chance and rate of success at companies – vs. a social imperative was really a game-changer. I am leading with all the statistics that back up the fact that diverse companies outperform male-driven ones.

Johanna Lyman


That leadership traits exist on a continuum and each person offers their own set of skills, and specifically a framework that captures these traits. The leadership framework with the language to organize the trait continuums is a valuable tool to help put to words existing leadership experiences that I had not properly synthesized before, which is valuable both for developing my own skills and for interactions with others.

Research Scientist

Toyota Research Institute

The platform has provided me and the team with some practical tools, and a shared context for putting them to practice: the new interpretation of work, network of commitments and mastery has been the clearest examples of that so far

The turnaround was completed ahead of time, went further than was anticipated and spurred the engineering team to achieve world class performance that delivered both significant cost savings and additional revenues within a year.

Ian Dunlop

VP of Engineering Cloud Security

[My team’s] offers not only reduced my work but created new creative and innovative opportunities to explore.

The sessions helped me step back and look at problems from a new perspective, and practice strategies that will enable more innovative leadership. 

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