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Our Platform - The Zone

The 100% Capacity Innovation Community Platform, on which all of our programs are delivered, provides a single source for everyone in your enterprise to engage. Through a consistent process complete with learning pop up content, teams can evaluate the quality and feasibility of their ideas, refresh their understanding of best practices, and collaborate with other experts within your enterprise. Metrics exist to support progress, flag milestones, and show individual and cumulative impact. Through integrations with existing workplace tools such as Slack, engagement is intuitive, easy to use and fast. Innovation comes to you. 

Professional Services Programs

Our four original programs are designed to kickstart and accelerate your innovation community. They have all been created and tested by working hands-on with innovation, product, and operations teams across the world. We have pinpointed noticeable areas for improvement and obstacles holding companies back from further growth

and success. We don’t believe in learning for

the sake of learning, rather the programs

exist to support learners in their process,

implementation, knowledge transfer and

amplification of capabilities.


Next Level Innovation Leadership

Human Innovation is an approach to the Mobilization of People and the Transformation of Organizations to increase Innovation Capacity. It is designed to: 

  • Establish and support the Innovation Mindset 

  • Remove friction and support the innate Drive of innovators 

  • Create an environment that supports autonomy while enabling efficiency 

  • Establish listening channels across the ecosystem that enables learning feedback loops and leads to mastery and knowledge Transfer  

  • Aligns the ecosystem and the environment to support shared purpose 

Tech Adoption

You likely have brilliant personnel on your teams. The problem may be in getting these different and specialized teams to work together and coordinate to achieve a planned outcome, launch or product. This program will focus on knowledge Transfer, the establishment and maintenance of healthy, dynamic ongoing partnerships, technology capability adoption by other teams and departments within the company and even markets outside. These capabilities can be delivered as design elements, code modules, algorithms, machine learning modules and results, diagnostic assessments, prototypes, and testing methodologies to name a few.  

In this program we will build the distinctions and practices of Tech Adoption. This will allow us to be clear on the distinctions we want to introduce, the practices we want to help people adopt and the standards we want to help the research team and the ‘catchers’ meet as they go through the stages of Tech Adoption. The results include testimonials, case studies, patents awarded to the partnerships, monetary impact, embedded technology, and others.  

Got Your Back

Being a female in corporate America can be lonely. This program is designed for a group of women who: find joy and solace in each other’s company, bring a lot to the table and are happy to share with each other, want to succeed on their own terms based on their own unique definition of success, understand the enormous value of gender balance for innovation, know how to laugh and have fun together, and sometimes need a schedule and host to hold a caring space to bring it all together.

Gender Balance for Innovation

Corporations with gender-balanced leadership perform better on core financial and functional metrics. Firms that lead with gender-balanced teams: 

  • Are 76% more likely to get innovative ideas to market (E&Y) 

  • Make better decisions 78% of the time, and twice as quickly (CloverPop) 

  • 27% more likely to create longer term customer value (McKinsey) 


Learning to recognize and apply women's unique leadership traits is a business differentiator. It is a skill set that anyone can learn and practice, regardless of their confidence or unconscious biases. The primary mission is not to fix people; it is to use the body of information and a set of working tools to achieve desired business results by leveraging the value from gender-balanced leadership. 

Naming Ideas

Many companies have brilliant people in key roles who are the pillars of their success. These people have a unique and powerful way of seeing the world and operating to ensure success. They possess vast amounts of tacit knowledge. This unique offering allows you to create your own customized program to help these people convert their tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge to significantly enhance knowledge transfer and creation. This adaptive program will be housed on our learning platform ‘The Zone.’ Our mentors will walk you through the process of targeting key areas of focus where improvement is needed. Then we get to work on building a foundational program structure that focuses on how your team, reports, and eventually entire company can acquire key new practices and understanding needed to level up. Workbooks, community collaboration on the platform and team workshops allow for practice that leads to actionable results. Upon program formation and completion, your company will have access to the program, materials, and platform to use with other cohorts and teams.

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