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About 100%.

At 100% Capacity, we’ve been there, and we see the need to transform the way companies innovate, lead, collaborate, and carry ideas to market. 100% Capacity is an Innovation Community Platform which includes coaching on Leading and Managing Innovation, an online community collaboration platform, and a series of custom rapid learning modules that coach your team through the innovation journey.  


The goal is to have a shared understanding of what innovation truly is. An understanding of innovation as ‘adoption of new practices in a community’ that goes beyond the planned product & toward the greater solution that emerges through innovation. Aligning toward this greater potential moonshot that will change lives is the key to generating truly great outcomes.  

When you change the mindset of a brilliant team, you unleash something greater than the sum of the parts.

It is true that an organization needs to be focused on moving toward a planned product or solution. However, with a mindset shift we can reinvent the culture to one of real innovation beyond the planned product. True innovation requires a deep understanding of emergence, and the practice of co-ordination, co-invention, knowledge creation & innovation. 

Smart leaders incorporate systems to allow for new exploration, understanding and knowledge creation. This leads to greater value for the organization and taps into the commitment and passion of true innovators who are always looking for a way to reduce the noise of bureaucracy and increase the signal of new and groundbreaking thinking. Most leaders fail their hand-selected teams because they chart the course for innovation before anyone has ever left on the journey. This limits where and how anyone can progress. Aligning toward the big idea and then following up with a mindset that takes into consideration new opportunities as they unfold will lead to greater outcomes.  

Innovation is emergent.

100% Capacity increases the capacity of leaders, teams and organizations to fuel innovation, performance, and revenue in complex and emergent technology ecosystems. We work with senior executives and their teams to ignite a culture of innovation by introducing them to critical meta-skills, methodologies, and frameworks that lead to more valuable products, optimal processes, and increase the innovative capabilities of them and their teams.  

We are passionate about helping talented people deliver highly successful projects by unleashing the full power of innovation.

Are you equipped to leverage 100% of your team?

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