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Your Biggest Missed Opportunity for Corporate Performance Value Creation

How pursuing gender balance can impact performance across your organization

In our last blog post, we introduced the competitive advantage that comes along with gender balanced leadership in the corporate environment. But what types of impact can you expect by applying gender balance within your organization? We like to call them “The Big 7”:

Over the past decade, we’ve compiled research to support gender balance as a key driver of Innovation, Strategy, Decision-Making, Risk Reduction, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, and Operational Excellence. And the data is telling us that the size of this opportunity is massive.

A brief sampling:

  • Gender-balanced teams make better decisions 78% of the time, and twice as quickly

  • CEB/Gartner report that firms leading on gender balance demonstrate 18% higher levels of employee commitment

  • A study by Ernst & Young indicates that organizations are 70% more likely to successfully identify & capture new markets when they are led by gender-balanced teams

So, which of The Big 7 is the biggest opportunity for your organization? Name it, claim it, and begin to envision the possible impact on your corporate performance. Stay tuned for our next post on what might currently be getting in the way of realizing the impacts of gender balance on The Big 7 within your organization, and contact us if you’d like more resources to help build the business case for gender balance within your organization.

Jennifer speaks, writes, and delivers transformational programs globally to companies seeking to realize the corporate performance value of gender-balanced leadership.Learn more about the massive opportunity for business growth that 100% Capacity leadership provides by downloading our free white paper.

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