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100% Capacity is a science-based, data-driven framework for realizing the corporate performance value of gender balance. The 100% Capacity assessment & tools are designed to support companies in realizing the business value of gender balance—with impacts to innovation, strategy, risk management, and more.

Business Meeting


Assess where you’re at — and envision where you can go by applying gender balance.

In a Meeting


Practice in the real world. Apply 100% Capacity to a specific business project, and begin to realize the value of gender balance through its impacts on innovation, decision making, employee engagement, and more.

Business Meeting


Introduce the knowledge, language, and frameworks for inviting, perceiving, and applying 100% of your team’s leadership capacity.

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Harvest the value of 100% Capacity leadership. Over time, skills build so that gender balance becomes an embodied business practice, with evergreen value creation.

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