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Invitation to Change The Game

100% Capacity exists to enable corporations to thrive in the new era of business.

Business is facing massive challenges right now:

  • Mitigating climate change

  • Moving to a regenerative economy

  • Healing fragmented global supply chains


These challenges cannot be met without the unique power of women’s leadership.


We invite you to join us for Changing The Game, a unique program exploring the distinctions of women’s leadership and charting paths for its urgent and powerful mobilization. 

Changing the Game is an 8-week program for senior-level women in corporations.

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If You Know... 

  • You don’t need another program to ‘fix’ you/give you confidence/teach you how to operate better in ‘man world’

  • That the pipeline is just fine but your company is promoting based on the wrong criteria. Brilliant, capable your women below you are struggling to move up the ranks

  • You are a VP or Sr. Director and have been passed over for your fair share of promotions

  • That you have spent your career ‘moving the @#$ needle’ and are now totally committed to Changing the Game – but don’t know exactly how

  • We can't solve humanity's crises without gender balanced leadership

  • You want to leave a legacy that matters

If You Are... 

  • Committed to playing an important role in solving global issues facing business

  • Keen to get other women promoted

  • Committed to building your legacy

  • Running on empty

  • So often the only woman in the room

  • Tired of pushing the same boulder uphill

  • Not getting recognized for half of the work you do/half of the skills you bring

...then this program is for you!

This program is designed for you to understand and take in the power and the value of how women lead.

100% Capacity's Changing The Game program is for women leaders who seek to... 

UNDERSTAND your own leadership as an executive and a woman.

EVALUATE business performance opportunities with a new rigor and toolset.

ARTICULATE your unique value as a woman leader.

FORGE powerful partnerships in service to your goals.

SEE how men’s and women’s leadership work together to improve corporate performance

CREATE your own offers and steer your career based on 100% of your leadership.

PINPOINT opportunities ripe for performance improvement in your organization.

ENJOY the richness of community with other senior women serious about business.

8 weeks of focused content and support to do a deep dive into the unique nature and power of feminine leadership.


If you are frustrated with the achingly slow gains for women’s representation in corporate leadership, this program will provide you with the tools to Change The Game.


This program will:

  • Provide you with distinctions and language to speak powerfully about women’s leadership

  • In community, ground you in the power already present in you, which is desperately needed in corporations.

  • Provide you with tools and techniques to begin explicitly applying this power to your pressing business challenges.

  • Provide you with a framework for how men and women can amplify each other’s leadership – or polarize it!

It's a blended approach!


During the program and beyond, if you choose, you will have 24/7 access to the 100% Capacity community hub, where you will find:


  • Self-paced online learning modules that you can access and re-access any time you like.

  • Short, impactful learning videos (5 minutes or less) that are easy to fit into your day.

  • Tools and worksheets to support you as you begin to apply this new learning in your work.

  • Assessments for understanding your personal leadership, the organization you’re currently in, and what openings there may be for more powerfully using your natural leadership characteristics.

  • Community!  Sharing inspiration with others and learning from their experiences.  Supporting each other through this program.

  • Access to our library of examples-that-worked, worksheets, templates, and other bite-sized content capsules targeted to specific areas of business. 

  • Eight, 60-minute mastermind coaching sessions with Jennifer and Leslie.


You will also find:

  • The joy of discovery in community

  • Sharing new, powerful understanding with other women

  • Some FUN!  This can be a heavy topic – we’ve all had experiences with the dark side of current corporate life.  So some fun and lightheartedness are in order!


What you won’t find:

  • Shaming and blaming men for what they do or don’t say or do.

  • Shaming and blaming women for their “mistakes” in the corporate world.

  • Interventions or “tricks” to make corporations adopt more women leaders.

Changing The Game week by week:

Important Dates:

Kick-Off |Monday, September 20 3:00pm – 4:30pm Pacific Time 

Weekly Live Sessions | Mondays 3:00pm – 4:00pm Pacific Time

Week 1

Why women’s leadership is so important now. 7 core business areas where gender-balanced organizations perform better

Week 2

The nature and distinctions of women’s leadership.

Week 3

Men’s and women’s leadership together: Amplification and Polarization

Week 4

Your unique leadership characteristics.

Week 5

Assessing your current organization/work environment and how it relates to your leadership characteristics.

Week 6

The 100% Capacity framework:  Applying gender-balance knowledge in the real world.

Week 7

Identifying opportunities for business performance improvement via gender-balanced leadership.

Week 8

Designing your strategy. 

Week 9


Being together and enjoying each other’s presence.

Meet Your Guide

Kenny_headshot-0034 copy.jpg

Jennifer Kenny speaks, writes, and delivers transformational 100% Capacity Leadership™ programs globally to companies seeking step function performance improvements. She has 25 years of experience in strategy, leadership development, and technology-driven transformation and has held senior positions with Accenture, Booz Allen, and Gartner, senior executive roles with Wells Fargo and Cisco, UCSF, and was CIO at Stanford Research Institute. She is on the Advisory Board of


It Works!

From past participants:

"Thank you for the inspiration and paradigm changing thinking on leadership."

-Michelle Waite, CMO, Verbhouse

Register Here | Changing The Game

Price: $3,000

Thanks for registering!

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